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A vegetarian husband and wife team have ensured there's no need for vegan to be a four letter word muttered by chef's in their kitchens this Christmas.

Their new Hamlyn Vegan Cookbook, full of the most innovative dairy free recipes, is proving to be an unexpected bestseller and perfect gift.

The authors offer their Top 10 tips or recipes and pictures for a Veggie Merry Christmas.

Wondering what gift to get your favourite cook this holiday to compliment their collection of recipe books?

Here's one they certainly won't have prepared earlier! The new Vegan Cookbook by Hamlyn.

Vegan cuisine has been transformed but it's still surprising that a search for "Hamlyn cookbook" on suggests the Vegan Cookbook is their number 1 bestseller.

Written by UK husband and wife team Tony and Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Yvonne's expert vegetarian nutrition advice was perfectly complimented by award-winning cook Tony's creative prowess in the kitchen.

It prompted one British Health Magazine (Here's Health) to proclaim, "Vegan food has re-invented itself"

Yvonne (35) a vegetarian Nutrition consultant said, "Vegetarian and vegan cooking has completely changed since the days I ran Cranks the vegetarian restaurant chain in London. These days people eat turkey all year so by the time Christmas comes we've found people are delighted to try something a bit more original that everyone can enjoy."

Epicurean Vegan Food writer Tony (43) says "There's absolutely no excuse for vegan being a four letter word used by chef's in their kitchens this Christmas"

"Even if you are content with tradition there are delicious vegan versions of everything you can think of - caviar, smoked salmon, champagne, pecan and toffee dairy free ice cream, mince pies, Christmas cake, egg free marzipan and dairy free cheese with cranberries. You can even get a whole ready to roast celebration vegan turkey complete with pigs in blankets and giblet free gravy, just add your own stuffing, roast vegetables and cranberry sauce"

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