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New Online Office Party Game Launched for Christmas by Host Universal - SPOT THE VEGAN

The number of Vegans is estimated to have doubled during The Vegan Society's Diamond Jubilee year and the stereotypical image of a Vegan can no longer be relied upon. This free online tool is designed to help spot a vegan in your midst before they infiltrate your office party and radically restrict your dining venue choices.

(PRWEB) November 20, 2004 -- It's almost impossible to spot who's vegan and who's not these days. The old reliable cliched image of goatee beard, skinny, pale, geeky looking nerd seems to have gone forever.

Now vegans have jobs in almost every walk of life - nurses, vegan firefighters, vegan weightlifters, vegan runners, chefs, vegan accountants, veggie Doctors there was even a vegan running for US president (Kuchinich)

"I blame the supermarkets" says Tony Bishop-Weston, Author of a new vegan cookbook by Hamlyn "It's just too easy to be vegan these days - all the excuses have been removed -everybody's at it"

"Now there is vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate, vegan melting cheese for pizzas, vegan cameras, vegan yoghurt, vegan cars by Ford and Toyota, vegan smoked salmon, vegan fur coats, even vegan caviar and champagne - it's just not the same anymore."

Even Hollywood have got in on the act with a Vegan Shark in a latest animated film.

To assist people trying to cope with the changing times Host Universal have devised a free simple online game at to try and help people accustomise themselves to the new-look vegans.

Learn how to spot a vegan now - take the Spot The Vegan Challenge and see how many vegans you can spot.


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