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An acclaimed vegan cookbook, innovative recipes and products, The Diamond Jubilee Awards, World Vegan Day, a vegan wedding, 1st Vegan category at Hotelympia, The Vegan Society's 60th year was a landmark year for Tony Bishop Weston.


Vegan Awards

The Vegan Society Diamond Jubilee Awards... winners and finalists for 2004.

vegan awards


Best Fairly Traded Product – for products kinder to people.

2003 WINNER Agrofair Oke Bananas

2004 FINALISTS Green & Black’s Cherry Chocolate, Clipper Teas, Cocoa Tree Range

2004 Winner - THE COCOA TREE - Fair Trade chocolate in the most exquisite concoctions.

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Achievement Award – for people making a difference.

2003 WINNER Neil Lea – Realfood campaign, ARC, Is It Vegan?

2004 FINALISTS Benjamin Zephaniah, Fiona Oakes, Arthur Ling

2004 Winner - FIONA OAKES - Fire Fighter, marathon runner and Animal Sanctuary keeper.

Best Cruelty Free Non Food Product – products that help to avoid animal suffering.

2003 WINNER Yaoh Lip Balm,

2004 FINALISTS Coop Washing up liquid, Vegan Glucosamine, Beyond Skin vegan shoes.

2004 Winner - BEYOND SKIN Vegan shoes to die for (or not to if you are a cow)

vegetarian and vegan foods

Redwoods - Best Vegan Catering – Establishments proving how delicious animal free food can be.

2003 WINNER Mono – Glasgow,

2004 FINALISTS Mildred's Private Dining Room, Wild Ginger, Pizza Express Reading

2004 Winner - WILD GINGER - Rachel is sadly thinking of selling after many years - talk about going out on a high, grab some delicious vegan food whilst you still can.

vegetarian and vegan foods

Veg Omegas - Best Food Product – Products proving how delicious animal free food can be.

2003 WINNER First Foods Supreme Choc Ice,

2004 FINALISTS Dove's Farm Tasty Bar, Redwoods Melting Cheese, Yaoh Raw Food Bar

2004 Winner - REDWOODS SUPER MELTING CHEESE Redwoods wholefoods have been responsible for some truly delicious innovative vegan recipes over the years but vegan melting cheese has earnt them a place in food history.

Best Drink - Drinks proving how easy animal free living can be.

2003 WINNER Co-op fair trade wine.

2004 FINALISTS Co-op Cava* (WARNING: no longer Vegan), Alpro Soya shakes, Sam Smith's Stout

2004 Winner - ALPRO SOYA SHAKES - The Kings of Dairy Free.

vegetarian and vegan foods

Veggiemaster - Best Retailer For Animal Free Shopping - making a difference in retail.

2003 WINNER Vegan Store (On line)

2004 FINALISTS 8th Day Manchester, Co-op retailing, Vegan Store

2004 Winner - VEGAN STORE

Best Vegan Environmentally Friendly Product – Making a difference to the planet.

2003 WINNER Redwood’s ‘Making Waves’ range,

FINALISTS Earth Friendly Range, Mooncup , Vegan Caviar

2004 Winner - MOONCUP

Best Vegan Project or Campaign – Projects making the world a better place.

2003 WINNER Dept Of Health 5 A Day

2004 FINALISTS Bristol Vegan Guide and Fayre, Supersize Me, North West Vegan Festival

2004 Winner - SUPERSIZE ME - THE MOVIE a cult film that has now morphed into a healthy eating project for schools.

*The Coop Cava received many nominations for Best Drink in The Vegan Society's prestigious Diamond Jubilee Awards.

"Unfortunately the Co-op Cava ingredients have changed and it now uses gelatine in it's manufacture" Says Vegan spokesperson Tony Bishop-Weston.

"There was a good chance of it winning as The Vegan Society has been busy celebrating it's 60th year during 2004 and we've drunk quite a bit of bubbly, but not this one now it's made with gelatine"

The Co-op are the only retailer to honestly label their alcoholic beverages in this way and ironically if it had been anyone else the vegans might not have been aware that the ingredients had been changed and it was no longer a suitable celebratory drink.


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