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Nutrition advice is now available for Croydon & Surrey residents by certified nutritionist in Croydon.

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Looking for UK nutritionists in Surrey ?

Nutritionists Croydon? Nr Wimbledon? Sutton? Bromley?

London nutritionist in Croydon, Surrey

Surrey Nutritionist

Yvonne Bishop-Weston


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What's the difference between nutritionists and dieticians?

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Tel: 0871 2884642

Text 07944068432

Nutritional Therapy Council set up to regulate nutritionists


Alternative health in Croydon's High Street

With Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Nutritionist, Croydon.

Nutrition therapy is a classed as a complementary medicine rather than an alternative health therapy as diet and nutrition therapists attempt to complement your doctor's efforts to heal you and get you well. There are many people that will vouch for the effectiveness of the alternative health solutions that our Croydon Nutritionists can offer. Weight loss, giving up smoking, skin conditions such as acne and excema, infertility, pregnancy, digestion and issues such as irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS) , women's health, children's health, boosting energy and performance and dealing with stress can all be helped with personal diet plans and nutrition therapy programs. Allergy testing, blood tests and other laboratory testing is also part of our complementary health service at the newly refurbished Croydon nutrition clinic.

OASIS Natural Health and Nutrition Clinic, an Oasis in Croydon!

The newly renovated complimentary health clinic above the beautiful alternative health food and natural beauty store is a welcome discovery in Croydon's busy city (now being billed as the next Manhattan ??!!?)

Croydon High street is now virtually forgotten because of the new multimillion pound shopping centres such as Centrale and the original Whitgift centre but it hides one of the saving graces of Croydon and a key to the survival of Surrey residents.

Just along from the vibrant hubbub of Croydon's fruit and veg market in Surrey street where you can get bargain buys on all sorts of exotic fruit and vegetables and tucked in just beyond the flyover you will find a true Oasis.

At Oasis Natural Health in Croydon there is a treasure trove of nutritious healthy foods you didn't think had been invented yet, natural solutions for a wide range of ailments and a team of very friendly knowledgeable staff.

Many of the staff key at Oasis Croydon have had a nutrition consultation with Yvonne the resident Nutritionist, so they can often help you with any basic questions you may have. There are leaflets available to explain more about nutrition therapy and what nutritionists do.

Yvonne's usual Croydon Clinic day is Wednesday and selected Saturday's. 

Penny Crowther has a Nutrition  clinic on Fridays at the Croydon alternative health & therapy clinic.

There are other Foods for Life Clinics at Harley Street in London, Balham and the City . 

Yvonne is also an author and health writer, a speaker, holds corporate training sessions and workshops and trains other nutritionists at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition,.

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Tel: 0871 2884642

Text 07944 068432



How to get to Oasis Nutrition Clinic in Croydon

Croydon has the most amazing transport links as it is one of the first new towns having grown up around one of the first ever UK airports.

Croydon by Car

The M25, M23, A23, A21, A22, South circular all seem to point at some point towards Croydon and there is ample car parking (with two handy ones just behind Oasis, around the corner, either side of Wandle road)

Croydon by Train

The trains come to South, West and East Croydon in all shapes and sizes - National Rail, City Thames link, Gatwick Express, Trams to Wimbledon (where you can pick up the District line), trains to Clapham Junction, Victoria, Charing Cross, Waterloo, London Bridge (where you can pick up the DLR, Victoria, Jubilee, and Northern lines) and many places between London and the UK South Coast.

Croydon by bus

Buses come in all directions to Croydon and there is a handy bus stop just outside Oasis' front door.

Croydon by Tram

The nearest tram stop is George Street, just one stop down the hill from East Croydon Station.


Follow the road down from East Croydon or up from Reeves Corner to a crossroads with the Nat west Bank, a Church building and Jessups photography shop. This is the start of Croydon High Street. Walk past the Nat West Bank on the left and past the Croydon Post Office on your right. Keep heading south towards South Croydon, past the end of the delightful Surrey street fruit and veg market. Walk under the flyover and just a little further on your right you will find Oasis Natural Products and Oasis Yoga and Health . 96- 98 Croydon High Street.



eat more fruit and veg says Croydon nutritionist

Map - How to find Oasis Natural Health

(Next Door to The Buddhist Centre, Croydon)

map: how to find nutritionist in Croydon, Surrey, south London

From East Croydon - stright down the hill following the tram lines until you get to Croydon High Street. Turn left - head past the Croydon post office and Grants. Croydon Nutritionists are on the right no 96/98.

From West Croydon. Head straight between the main Croydon shopping centres of Centrale and Whitgift. Keep going straight past Primark and Alders, across the tram lines and enter Croydon High Street.Head past the Croydon post office and Grants. Croydon Nutritionists are on the right no 96/98.

From Wimbledon. Take the Croydon tram and get off at Reeves corner. Follow the Tram lines up the hill past the Chinese supermarket, Croydon Argos and Walkabout. At the top of the hill turn right into Croydon High Street. Head past the Croydon post office and Grants. Croydon Nutritionists are on the right no 96/98.

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