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Looking for a vegetarian nutritionist

or advice on vegetarian and vegan diets ?

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Yvonne Bishop-Weston


More popular than ever before vegetarian and vegan diets have never been so easy to adopt. However if your reasons are driven by health concerns then although it's simple its not quite as simple as just cutting out the meat and fish and replacing it with cheese or tofu. There are some key essential plant foods that you need to make sure are in your diet to ensure optimum health. A chocolate and chip diet may be vegan but it's not going to provide all you need for optimum brain function, bone health and heart health.

Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant

Vegetarian since the age of 12, Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc Dip ION MBANT studied at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London and won an award for her work on the importance of essential fatty acids in vegan and vegetarian pregnancy. Having held key roles in Holland & Barrett (health food chain), Cranks (vegetarian restaurant and foodservice), The Food Doctor (corporate wellness) she now offers corporate nutrition consultancy and personal nutritional therapy via Foods For Life in Croydon, south London.

Her husband is vegan Tony Bishop-Weston who having won vegetarian and vegan awards at his guest house in Ullapool, Scotland (Taigh na Mara) moved on to help transform first The Vegetarian Society and then The Vegan Society.



Health and Food Writers

Yvonne and Tony have co-written a healthy vegetarian cookbook with delicious and nutritious vegan recipes

and Yvonne is a regular contributor to various magazines and newspapers.

Nutrition Therapist

Yvonne has a regular clinic at Croydon Natural Health Centre at Oasis, High street Croydon, South London in Surrey

Email with your name, address and contact details for more information and a lifestyle review form.

Yvonne also has nutrition therapy clinics in London.




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