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New Vegan Cookbook with innovative vegan recipes by Tony and Yvonne Bishop Weston

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Inspirational vegan, vegetarian, dairy free nutritious and delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Published by Hamlyn to coincide with The Vegan Society Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years of veganism, this innovative cookbook shows how far you can go without using eggs, cheese, meat and fish and other animal products high in saturated fat.

Luscious dairy free vegan desserts such as cherry chocolate cake, ice cream, crème caramel, chocolate cheesecake and bannoffee tart.

Breakfast, snacks and lunch ideas including egg free omelettes, pancakes, a cheesy ackee quiche and probably the best vegan dairy free pizza your friends have ever tasted.

Author and Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop's guidance on vegan diets and useful sources of key vitamins minerals and nutrients is invaluable.

Author and Award winning vegan cook Tony Weston displays a flair for innovation and a sixth sense for flavour and pleasure.

" A magical feat combining "healthy", "vegan" and "tasty" - everyone should have a copy of this cookbook in their kitchen "


Hamlyn - Vegan Cook Book Authors - London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop Weston , Writer Tony Bishop Weston


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Vegan Recipes from the Vegan Cookbook are now also featured at - Create the perfect picnic, enjoy the warm flavours of Asia or serve up a delicious vegan version of the traditional Sunday roast."






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